Doug Aitken at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Installation view, video projection on west-facing wall

Last friday, I went to see CatPower at MoMA. It was a really fun night accompanied by mixed Rum beverages served by a black & white clad waitstaff. Overall, the sound was terrible, but was almost secondary next to the glitzy art crowd and an fun vibe.

In regards to the large-scale, outdoor projections by Doug Aitken, I was a bit disappointed. The scale is amazing. The fact that the film takes on the texture of the surface on which is is being projected, and the colors contrasting against the Manhattan skyline, all make this project worth seeing. But as far as context goes…i found the “narrative” (?) a bit weak and not necessarily engaging for an outdoor piece. I feel that while the work could have varnished an audience, I’m sure that it hasn’t been able to hold many viewers attention.

All in all, worth seeing, but I think that considering the talents of the cast, could have been much better.