I remember the first time I saw Barnaby Whitfield’s work. His paintings were in a solo exhibition at 31Grand in their original space on, 31 Grand street, Williamsburg. The show was in 2005 and titled: “Whore With Red Cheeks.” I vividly remember entering the gallery, looking away, and then looking back. Marveling at the swirling, lush reds and vivid greens, my mind was entranced, as was my gaze. Specific works I remember are “The Ethical Egoist,2005 and “Oh My! What a Great Splash!” CLONIE/topless, 2004, both pastel on paper. The space whirled with these transformed yet skillfully executed figures, dripping, a delicious cocktail of both grace and disdain.

Neither Barnaby nor his work disappoints, (both are amazing!) and his most recent project, “Little Deaths, All The Same” can be viewed this coming Thursday, March 20th at 31 Grand which is now on Ludlow Street, on the Lower East Side.

Come to the opening, have a drink, and say hi to Barnaby and Heather.