I read about Swoon having a rather “raw” but emblematic pasted wall piece in Chelsea via ArtCal and got to check it out yesterday. I didn’t realize I had been to Honey Space previously with my friend Christian. We happened upon it randomly one night and caught the tail end of a performance. Needless to say I was in Chelsea for hours diligently looking at art as a stream of sweat ran down my back. Pleasant, I know. There are a few exhibitions that I think are worth checking out, even if for several individual works.

This time I arrived at Honey Space as I was winding down. I took in at the ceremonial candles and then the crude hole in the floor. Being the only person around, I caught myself saying “Fuck” out loud. Why? Well, the hole was dark, dank, and the ladder rickety. But being the art enthusiast that I am, I realized that I would have to bite the bullet and descend into the dark underworld of Manhattan.

Blushing ever so slightly, I have to admit, my descent was only half way down the ladder. The space was dark and raw and I quickly snapped a picture. In my opinion and from what I could see in the sparse light of dwindling candles, while an incredibly thought provoking subject matter (portrait of Silvia Elena a girl who was killed in Mexico), is not one of Swoons best. But I credit her for taking part in a project that not only steps outside of the box, but also raises awareness to the subject of femicide.

Swoon and Tennessee Jane Watson, Portrait of Silvia Elena
Honey Space, Chelsea
148 11th Avenue, info@honey-space.com
May 30 – July 5, 2008
(I’m not sure if this is still up, but since I saw it on the 8th, there may be a chance its been officially extended. If it has, I encourage you to experience this homage in person.)