This past Saturday, after running around Brooklyn and watching a True Blood episode with Jill, I made my way to the Collette Blanchard gallery in the Lower East Side for Derrick Adams’¬†Welcome to Monument City. I met Derrick in Chelsea with Lyle and then had the opportunity to reconnect with him during a studio visit this past summer. He is an enigmatic person and artist dealing with the complexities of the psyche.

Welcome to Monument City explores the excavation of memory. Objects throughout the space and while constructed of faux brick, attempt to emulate the surface on which they rest while adding texture to smooth gallery walls. I was particularly drawn to the idea and encasement of what could be: pimp (brick clothed in vintage fur lined, knee length leather jacket).

Delineated masculinity permeate the works and resonate both strength and vulnerability. Stone casts featuring the head of Darth Vader line several of the false walls, like monochromatic domino’s ready to topple.

The presence of childhood carries with it a lightheartedness along with the actuality of faux materials meant to look heavy. I felt the power of stereotypes & blackness (representations of the black male in particular) being both challenged and embraced.

In the process of excavation and resurfacing things that had been “lost” Welcome to Monument City creates an imaginary place/space for those to rest and contemplate historical resonance merging with an ironic and purposeful twist.
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Location:Collette Blanchard Gallery, NY