TM Davy, Triangle Lee, 2009
Celebrating its one year anniversary, Splatterpool opened My Spring Fling Turned Into My Summer Dream, curated by J. Morrison. This was only my second visit to the gallery, and I have to say how excited I am to have discovered this space which has had an amazing program thus far, and is a great addition to the Williamsburg gallery scene.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya, TM Sketching Liam, 2008
Part of what brought me to this particular exhibit were familiar names including photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Nelson Santos, Associate Director of Visual AIDS. Upon arrival, I strolled around the gallery with friend Penny Karvounis and enjoyed the juxtaposition of both painting and photography, neither one dominating over the other. I had a great experience talking to curator J. Morrison, who walked me through the exhibit and gave me background information on several of the works in the show including his own, shown below. In the photos, one of which reminded me of someone, J has used himself and his partner as directional icons, both together yet separate and cute butts, natch.

J. Morrison Statuesque & Bagism, both 2010
In the orchestration of the exhibition, J. sought out work by artist friends, not only relevant to their practice but also telling, revealing a personal relationship in duality. Each of the works are individual but also function in this context, paired, offering hints of narrative intention within diptych format. The content lends itself to magic and dreams, stories about lovers, current boyfriends and one night stands. Each artist whose work I featured here, is of particular interest and allowed me to have a brief, intimate peak into their personal lives….without having to lift the sheets.

Geoff Chadsey Vestigial Velasquez, 2011
My Spring Fling Turned Into My Summer Dream will be on view until Sunday May 15th, 2011. Looking forward to what Splatterpool has planned next.

Here’s to hoping spring flings, turn into summer dreams, for all of us.
More soon!