Noah Becker, Love in Black, oil on canvas, 2011
Image courtesy of Michael Anderson, 2011

Some Girls, curated by Noah Becker recently opened at Launch F18 a small gallery space in Tribeca, NY. The gallery is located directly between White and Franklin street on Broadway and open by appointment only. Saturday evening, guests spilled into the hallway from the tiny rectangular venue which was filled almost to capacity. Guests had to weave between each other and the walls in order to grab a Budweiser, say hello and look at the art. The work presented consists of painting and collage. The theme, as one may guess from the exhibition name is: Some Girls. The title is as vague as it is specific and the content, of course demonstrating members of the female persuasion, is both contemporary as it is timeless.

Curator, Artist and Whitehot Magazine editor Noah Becker, center with
Christina De Miguel (left) and  Grace Roselli (right)
Image courtesy of Michael Anderson, 2011

The female figure is classic and its visual adoration dates back hundreds, actually thousands of years. The works featured communicate with a specific generation by way of the visual translation of body, mouth, eyes into something beautiful both attached to and separate from the original source. Some Girls doesn’t offer a particular self-referential quality, instead it gives the artists a platform for invention and fantasy.  Each painted figure or face appears to be a quixotic proposal that doesn’t necessarily need to be more than the image presented.

Michael Anderson, Collage on paper, 2011
Image courtesy of Michael Anderson, 2011

Artist Michael Anderson comes close to establishing the possibility for narrative in his collage work. He utilizes torn and cut, found imagery to construct an organized, chaotic, 2-dimensional landscape constructed with various references to popular culture. At times the recognizable images were distracting from the overall composition, but these elements are the composition and put forth a palatable and colorful layer that is both ironic in its criticism as it is sincere.

Artist Jessica Speckhard and her proud father in front of her installed work
Image courtesy of Michael Anderson, 2011

Many New York based painters emerged for the opening and it was great to see so many familiar faces in one small space. This is what Some Girls does, as an exhibition title it exploits itself by giving artists and viewers an excuse to converge.  However, thematically it participates in a dialogue that centers around the representation of a figure in space, specifically in painting and most importantly, portrays girls who might share a lick of their lollipop, without ever knowing their name. Cheeky.

Artist and curator Sam Trioli, left in front of his painting
Untitled, oil on canvas, 2011 along with
Digit Fossil (right) and friend
Image courtesy of Michael Anderson, 2011
Some Girls, Curated by Noah Becker is on view at Launch F18 by appointment only until January 15th, 2012. Artists featured include: Michael Anderson, Noah Becker, Joe Heaps Nelson, Jessica Speckhard, and Sam Trioli.

Stay tuned for Noah Becker’s upcoming film New York is Now which documents and comments on the New York art scene. View the trailer here.

More soon!