1.Takashi Murakami_Dance

Takashi Murakami, Portrait of Pharrell and Helen – Dance, 2014, Acrylic and platinum leaf on canvas mounted on board (Photo by Terry Richardson), φ1500 mm ©2014 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin

Opening May 27th, 2014 in a brand new space in Paris that is owned by Galerie Perrotin is G I R L, curated by Pharrell Williams. Thew new gallery called Salle de Bal, is a former ballroom at the Hôtel du Grand Veneur a 17th century Hôtel Particulier in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. Corresponding with the release of the album of the same name, G I R L is an exhibition that focuses on femininity and includes 32 artists. Some, but not all, of the artists are part of the Perrotin roster. The partial list includes Marina Abramovic, Ghada Amer, Chiho Aoshima, Daniel Arsham, Valérie Belin, Sophie Calle, Johan Creten, Tracey Emin, Daniel Firman, Gelitin, Guerrilla Girls, Laurent Grasso, Gregor Hildebrandt, JR, Alex Katz, KAWS, Bharti Kher, Klara Kristalova, Mr., Guy Limone, Ryan McGinley, Takashi Murakami, Prune Nourry, Rob Pruitt, Paola Pivi, Terry Richardson, Germaine Richier, Cindy Sherman, Mickalene Thomas, Aya Takano, Agnès Thurnauer, Xavier Veilhan, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann…and more!

With ten artworks being made specifically for this exhibition (including something new from Daniel Arsham who has given a sneak peak via Instagram) the show promises to be fulfilling by bringing together some of the top contemporary artists working today. From the press release Pharrell states:

“I have always mixed artworks into my music, clothing, jewelry and my entire way of life. They stimulate creativity, mutual curiosity, and simply happiness! I’m like a student when I’m with visual artists, I love to learn from them. Artworks teach you how to live and think differently”.

The musician has proved his interest with art and had a recent collaboration with Daniel Arsham (Daniel Arsham x Pharrell Williams, Flash Art, 9/13) which revolved around a dialogue the two had about an instrument Pharrell wished he still had. When deciding on a particular Casio keyboard, Arsham made a sculpture of the piece using volcanic ash and other materials.

Music and the fine art world have been combing forces for some time. From Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) and his classical music inspired paintings to rocker Courtney Love who also makes large-scale watercolors, sound often provokes a visual response. Music can induce color as the unstructured nuances of sound can result in a configuration or determined, three-dimensional sculptural form along with two-dimensional painting. This year alone, the world danced to the instrumental stylings of Pharrell Williams, his compositions and compilations. Let’s see what G I R L brings to the table. There is already a high expectation in the air as everything he seems to touch, whether musically or artistically, turns to gold.

Laurent Grasso, Studies into the past (Single Cover of “Lost Queen” by Pharrell Williams) Oil on wood panel 59,3 x 59 cm Courtesy Galerie Perrotin

Laurent Grasso, Studies into the past (Single Cover of “Lost Queen” by Pharrell
Oil on wood panel
59,3 x 59 cm
Courtesy Galerie Perrotin


G I R L, curated by Pharrell Williams

Salle de Bal, Galerie Perrotin, Paris / Mai 27 – June 25, 2014

Opening: Tuesday May 27, 11am-7pm

The exhibition is on view from May 27th until June 25th, 2014.

More soon!