(Photo courtesy of W Magazine Blog)

This past Thursday I was joined by CeCe in going to the opening of Joy Ride held on occasion of the Bicycle Film Fest of NY. The exhibit was curated by Anonymous Gallery and hosted by Dash Gallery which is owned by hip hop mogul Damon Dash. I had previously attended an opening of Anonymous and as expected the hipster crowd was there with bells on!

Before even entering the gallery space, I was reminded that hipsters come in all shapes and sizes: a traditional Hasidim Jew talking with an uber trendy girl..asymmetrical hair, boobs hanging out of her top. The two were an odd couple but shared friendly banter and then made the rounds through the gallery (I’m actually curious to know if the girl was a participating artist/curator…anyone know?).

Beer and Bikes. Brooklyn crowd and Biker Boys, NYC location.

We walked around scanning both the crowd and the art, but what happens at openings more often then not, the crowd dominated over the work. We were also meticulously grilled by dudes obviously on the hunt; wolves drooling over possible prey. Photographers snaked by snapping photos and CeCe and I had our photograph taken for W Magazine blog.

Upon exiting, a bike accompanied by its own lightweight garment was featured, viewers were invited to ride, pedal immobile as a fan generated wind inflating the garment. The Aeolian Ride, proudly claims to be the “world’s only inflated bike ride” and has hosted public rides in cities around the world since 2004.

Good time had by all.

More soon!
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