Tonight I went to a private invite/Members event for the opening of the Brion Gysin: Dream Machine exhibit at The New Museum. Having been to their preview openings in the past I didn’t have many expectations beyond great art and an open bar. But I was wrong. A roped off entrance greeted me at the door and it was obvious that the New Museum, which as you all know I already love, has stepped up their game. I trailed in behind a couple dressed impeccably.

Him: in a head to toe pastel color-blocked suit and beard ala’ AA Bronson Her: closely cropped wavy salt and pepper hair a fawn grey fitted dress a wide plunging oval in the back draping the the center curve. I actually started to doubt my presence on the list, but sure enough entered without a problem.

The lobby was teeming with people most, while not as elegantly eclectic as the first couple, still carried an air of style and knowledge of where the cool kids hang.

I grabbed a beer and mingled seeing some familiar faces including NYU’s Kathe Burkhart and Jesse Bransford. I spoke to a guard on booze control at the elevators and was informed on the events of the evening. I downed my beer and headed to the subterranean level finding yet another crowded room and the instrumentalism of jazz saxophonist John Zorn and a bass guitarist. Elongated high pitched squeaks filled the air and occasionally he “kissed” the wooden reed of the sax making both a pucker and thudding sound.

Next I went to the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floors, choosing the stairs instead of the elevator. On the 4th Floor, an interview was taking place with a film crew. I zig-zagged through and then worked my way back to the noisy, still active lobby.

Heading back down to the basement level, I heard a rhythmic cacophony coming from the theater. I quickly changed course and took a seat kneeling on the floor. Nick Zinner, of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s was in the front row, grinning slightly and leaning forward into the projected, screaming vocals.
Feels great to write again…the more I do, the more I write.

All photos taken with my iPhone and using the Hipstamatic App which is completely amazing and allows the user to choose/change lens filters etc. Stay tuned…

More soon loves!
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