Eyes Towards The Dove, header from 2011-2013
Various images of eyes from the author’s own paintings and photographs as well as appropriated.
Dimensions variable.

What is eyes towards the dove? 

Not a question asked for the first time, Eyes Towards the Dove is a website that was founded in late 2006 by Katy Diamond Hamer. The title of the site stems from the dove a common reference, specifically in Italian Renaissance art. Symbology of the Renaissance allowed for people of the time to understand particular narratives based on imagery alone.  While focusing almost entirely on contemporary art, Eyes Towards the Dove is a literal gesture. It is moment, a particular realization and a tilt of the head as one looks upward in acknowledgement of semiotics in art. While originally didactic in nature, the symbol here is used as a reminder to never relinquish the past but hold it close, specifically in regards to art history, before going forward.

As founder and editor of the site, Katy Diamond Hamer’s approach to art writing is quite organic. She has spent almost twenty years looking at art, investigating technique, approach, and the psychology behind the subjective content. Trained as an artist and now an art writer the journalist states:

When looking at or physically experiencing artwork, I attempt to insert myself into what I am looking at. I imagine what the artist might have been thinking when making the piece and if he/she felt that the resulting artwork is satisfactory to the goal they had when setting out. Certain movements have been very relevant to my writing and in establishing a particular taste level, most specifically Arte Povera (Italy, 1962-1972).  I also have been and am still continuously inspired by artistic practice on a global level having traveled to and looked at art in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and across North America. ~KDH

Katy Diamond Hamer is originally from New York and currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She has worked with Cultured Magazine, W Magazine, Flash Art International, Sleek Magazine, New York Magazine, Artvoices, Whitehot Magazine, Berlin Art Link and others. For more information please visit: Email:

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