Katy Diamond Hamer (Center)

Katy Diamond Hamer (Center)

Katy Diamond Hamer is the Founding Editor in Chief of Eyes Towards the Dove and is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Katy also contributes to Flash Art International, SLEEK Berlin, Cultured Magazine, W Magazine, New York Magazine (Vulture) and others. She is frequently invited to speak at Universities and has spoken to students at New York University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Hofstra University and others. Hamer also travels frequently and has taken press trips to Oslo, Bogota, Miami, Philadelphia, LA, Dominican Republic, Berlin, Boston, Connecticut and many other locations. Viewing, thinking about, and writing about contemporary art is her love and passion. She is often found with an iPhone in hand either taking notes or posting images to Instagram. When not looking at art she is at home with her poodle Loki Merz.

Jongho Lee, 2016, Photograph by Katy Diamond Hamer

Jongho Lee, 2016, Photograph by Katy Diamond Hamer

Jongho Lee is the Editorial Assistant for Eyes-Towards-The-Dove. He is an artist, writer, and a student at NYU’s Studio Art program at the Steinhardt School of Education in New York. He regularly contributes reviews, as well as studio visits to ETTD.


Sarah Walko in her Brooklyn stuido

Sarah Walko, Based in Brooklyn, New York

The Raven is an ongoing series of interviews and essays with contemporary artists and artwork. Its title is inspired by readings about Native American and other cultures’ mythologies and the belief that the raven symbolized the medicine bird of its society and that it is a bird of strength and wisdom. The column focuses on artists as storytellers of strength and wisdom and specifically investigates their processes and the behind the scenes of how they make their work and who they are. Sarah Walko is the writer of The Raven and also Executive Director of Triangle Arts Association, a fiction and nonfiction writer, artist and contributing writer to Hyperallergic art blog.

Additional and previous correspondents include:

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