Yesterday evening, I ventured to 80WSE for By Chance, A Video Show, curated by Artist/Videographer & Gallery Director Peter Campus. The show features several artists who I am unfamiliar with (something which rarely happens!) and has been impeccably installed. The video pieces exist in space independently but also communicate with each other in the most rudimentary way; via projected light and digitized movement.

Everyone was bundled, pausing indoors for a break from the frigid New York weather. Several familiar faces from Steinhardt were present and I was especially pleased to bump into Gerry Pryor, who I used to meet with regularly while a student at NYU.

Stated by Peter, “Like the detective in Jorge Luis Borges ‘Death and the Compass’ (La Muerte y la Brujula) I look for meaning in these coincidences.” This being said, he has sought out a congruence that exists between each artist whose work is present.

Within the context of each video, are segments of elapsed time and a sense of stillness, even if that stillness is achieved by speed. One particular element of note is that the figure has been removed or not placed, into the frame of each piece. However, subjectively there are several humanistic references including furniture and verbiage, but as a whole the exhibit seems to be more about landscape and a sense of infinity within the digital horizon.

By Chance, A Video Show, is on view at 80WSE until March 12th, 2011 and features work by: Alejandro Cesarco, Seoungho Cho, Nadya Collazo-Llorens, Jaime Davidovich, Beryl Korot, and Jason Varone

More soon!

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