Wednesday night, I proudly held my middle finger up to Mother Nature, who I adore, and trekked in the snow (which was accumulating rapidly) to make my way to the Gowanus part of Brooklyn and Issue Project Room. Hitman’s Heel is composed of Alexander Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto. He is from influential German industrial band Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and she is a video artist as well as co-founder of the infamous Love Parade. They have joined forces both personally and musically in what is both a little bit metal, folk and goth mixed in a large bubbling cauldron.

The duo were joined by a guitar/string accompaniment as well as punk rock drummer Vincent Signorelli. Danielle provided visuals which added both an eerie yet also occasional light-heartedness to the songs which subjectively ranged from death to flowers. At one point I couldn’t help but chuckle as an over 6ft tall Alex, dressed to the nines in black and violet (of course) squeaked the word “Flowers” into the mic.

The two are on a journey and each bring their own flavor to the table. His dark side compliments, well, her dark side even if they wear different shades of the same black.

Hitman’s Heel is on tour, check their myspace page for upcoming dates! Also, both Danielle and Alex will be part of the upcoming exhibition “Decelerator”, co-curated by Leo Kuelbs and will take place simultaneously in Berlin, New York and Budapest.

More soon!

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