Its fashion week!! Designers are coming out of the woodwork in order to see, be seen and show off their new collections. Such was the case Saturday night at the Gramercy Park Hotel where Jules Kim of Bijules previewed The Seize Kind, a new line of fine jewelry. The pieces were displayed on black velvet gloved hands, carried around by hired boxers on a silver platter (tongue in cheek?). Each boxer wore a white tux and a his very own glistening Bijules tear.

Each delectable item has been crafted based on inspiration from the female anatomy. The rooftop space was crowded and glowing with the interior lights as well as the nearby lights of the Manhattan skyline. Guests were being staggered in to prevent overcrowding and my attention bounced between talking to CeCe and Laura, looking at the jewelry and also checking out the highly fashionable guests who wore fur jackets, stylish hats and perfectly bored yet amused facial expressions.

We had a delicious cocktail and then followed the wave of people who moved to the Rose Bar, in the dimly lit lobby.

Bijules is worn by many hip celebrities including Santogold and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Check out her website and treat yourself to something daring and fabulous.

More soon!

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