Thursday night Chelsea was buzzing with activity. The streets were teeming with people hungry to view both art and each other. The weather was mild and in New York, every drop in temperature is a reminder that spring is on the way. This equals the art world emerging from their cozy interiors in search of wine and a bubbling scene. On this occasion Sue de Beer debuted Depiction of a Star Obscured by Another Figure at the Marianne Boesky Gallery on 24th Street.

In direct relation to the screening recently on view at The Park Avenue Armory, this exhibit features a video along with sculptural elements. Something I hadn’t mentioned in my last post is that Sue has now commenced upon incorporating free standing sculpture into her practice. The image above is an example whereas the intricate carvings lend themselves as a “screen” for video and light to be projected through. If there is an image, it is unrecognizable in the midst of the geometry it takes the form of in a transference between negative and positive space.

The featured video runs on a loop, is quite small in scale and shown about two feet from the floor. In the crowded gallery space I almost could have missed it altogether if I hadn’t been fervently looking.

Being that Sue teaches at NYU, there were several familiar faces present including: Adam Putnam, Nancy Barton, Michael Cohen, Eun Jin Kim, and Jonah Groeneboer.

I also ran into artist Barnaby Whitfield who was looking fab and, like myself, making the rounds. After Marianne Boesky I ran fashionably quick from 24th street, 25th street and ending at 26th going to other openings and running into friends along the way.

Sue de Beer: Depiction of a Star Obscured by Another Figure is on view at Marianne Boesky until March 19th, 2011.

More soon!
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