French artist Cyprien Gaillard currently has an exhibit on view at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The exhibit, titled The Recovery of Discovery opened March 27th and while I wasn’t able to attend, being in New York, I saw pictures surfacing on facebook from friends who were there. As seen above, the gallery was PACKED and part of this was largely based on the installation itself which was a sculptural pyramid of Turkish beer. The lovely and fabulous Nadja Sayej of ArtStars* was on-scene to report on the chaotic art frenzy and discarded glass beer bottles. Snap!


As can sometimes be expected, after Nadja’s report hit the Internet, some difficulties have ensued. His Berlin based gallery Sprueth Magers, has demanded that she remove the report from the public sphere because Cyprien didn’t “officially” agree to an interview. However, in my opinion, the piece is not offensive and on the contrary, after watching it not only did I wish I had been at the opening, but I now want Cyprien to come to NY and have a beer with me.

Sexy Video Still
Due to the presence of bloggers, video bloggers and the media in general, contemporary art is being spread like wild fire throughout the global community. Years ago it would be impossible to virtually visit an exhibition. Now due to streaming, real-time video and the uploading of photos directly to social media (i.e. twitter/facebook, etc.) one can experience something that was at once completely unattainable.
Cyprien Gaillard:The Recovery of Discovery is on view at KW Institute for Contemporary Art
until March 27 – May 22, 2011. I have a feeling the beer is gone (unless its being replenished by the Institute of Sprueth Magers?) but if I were in Berlin, I’d be more then happy to stop by the gallery and observe the remnants of what looks like was a great Jason Rhoades style party!
Watch ArtStars* reportage here.
(first photograph courtesy of Federico Maddalozzo, 2011)
More soon!