Anna Kunz
Friday evening, I joined many others for a jaunt once again to Dumbo, this time for the Open Studios at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation. For those of you unaware, the foundation provides studios for artists for one full year free of charge. I attended a studio event years ago before they relocated to Dumbo and this time found my jaw drop open upon realizing the size of the single occupancy studios, insert: LARGE.

Amy Bennett
The artwork offered for view was diverse and while spanning genres’ represented a high caliber within the standard that is currently being established by the dominant galleries in Chelsea, the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn. I”m posting photos of work that I responded to and as you can see its quite an amalgam. I really love going into artist studios for the reason of lifting the veil so to speak and getting to see how people work, or tick. In this case, the studios were pristine and mostly void of paint spills, splashes or mishaps but I’m sure that was just for presentation purposes.

Thomas Bangsted
Ranging from photography to painting and installation, the studios were individualized but also very community oriented. The large spaces offered each artist the opportunity to display his/her work as if it were an actual gallery. I also noticed the large common area equipped with a refrigerator, etc. at the tail end of where the studios tapered off. Scurrying from studio to studio I also ran into many familiar faces including Amanda Browder, Ernest Concepcion, Brad Kahlhamer and Dana Schutz hanging out as well.

Mary Mattingly
The Marie Walsh Sharpe foundation has many alumni who are quite prominent in the current art market. Keep your eyes open regarding their next events, as well as exhibits featuring artists that have taken part in this sensational residency.

More soon!