Early Friday evening I went to Under Destruction-Chapter I at the Swiss Institute. The Swiss Institute, one of the best hard to find galleries in New York, has consistently had great exhibitions in their large Broadway space since its inception in 1986. I read about the current show, part one of a three part series that first took place in Basel, Switzerland online and felt intrigued. The work has been minimally installed not begging for a particular amount of attention and the most dominating presence in the gallery was the indirect light streaming in from the east facing windows. After braving the crowded streets of Soho and weaving through Chinatown, I was content to be present in a cavernous gallery with work that was slowly, almost minutely, deconstructing.

From the Swiss Institute website: Nina Canell’s discreet Perpetuum Mobile (40 kg) (2009-2010) breaks down destruction to some of its finest, molecular components in a kinetic installation in which water is transformed into a mist via sonic vibrations, which then gradually hardens a nearby sack of cement.

In a reversal of sorts, occasionally when taking a photo I use the flipped lens of the iPhone and take a picture of myself and then what I happen to be looking at in a particular instance. The sculpture below White, 2003 by Monica Bonvicini somehow felt appropriate as a backdrop. The glass appears to have been riddled with bullets, and is lit from the interior by oblong, fluorescent lights.

What I was looking at


is the most obvious destructed element in the exhibit and was a floating ice cube, glowing on a white platform. The front and back rooms featured video; front by Alex Hubbard and back by Nina Beier and Marie Lund. Several paintings by Pavel Buchler: flea-market purchased, washed, re-stretched with cut/torn elements of painted canvas, from his series Modern Paintings, 1999-2000 are also on view in both the front and middle rooms of the gallery.

Under Deconstruction-Chapter 1, is on view until May 8th, 2011. The exhibit has been divided from its original format into three parts by curators Gianni Jetzer and Chris Sharp. I’ve been told that with each chapter, more destruction and chaos will ensue. Something to look forward to!

Under Destruction-Chapter II, opens May 18th and Under Destruction-Chapter III opens June 28th. Stay tuned!
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