Photo credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images, 2011

Just last week a sculpture was erected in Union Square of the late, pop artist Andy Warhol. The contemporary artist behind the shiny figure is Rob Pruitt, who exhibits regularly throughout the world and is represented by Gavin Brown Enterprises in New York. While I did not attend the unveiling, I happened upon the James Kalm Rough Cuts and also read Jerry Saltz review in NY But what really drew my attention to the piece, was Hyperallergic’s April Fool Joke!!

Photo credit: Jerry Saltz, courtesy of NYMag.comI was fooled this year two separate stories, first by Hyperallergic then by NPR and the Slow Internet Movement. Hyperallergic reported that at a cocktail party the previous evening, Rob Pruitt admitted that the figure portrayed in the sculpture was not Andy Warhol and instead world renowned curator Robert Storr. My first reaction was shock!, then dismay, then even a bit of anger. All of this occurred rather quickly and within about ten minutes, I realized that being it was April 1st, there was no way the story could be true. I tweeted and facebooked Hyperallergic and got my answer. Sigh….the best part is that they nailed the fact that the sculpture has very similar features to Storr. Kudos again to Hyperallergic!

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The Andy Monument, has been sponsored by The Public Art Fund and is on view until October 2, 2011.

More soon!