Elevations, Repetitions, 2006
Weatherproof steel
60 x 366 x 6 inches (152.4 x 929.6 x 15.2 cm)

With the push and pull of a warm May breeze, Michael Wilson and I made our way to Chelsea. Our first stop was Mitchell-Innes & Nash and the paintings of artist A.R. Penck (sounding quite like “Pink”). We had an early start and the gallery was yet to be populated besides a duo from the ArtForum crew (as well as my companian-dressed appropriately in Pink). The paintings were “modern” in a traditional sense of the word and we found out that they ranged from 1983-1995. (This was actually a bit of a shock since to me the images felt more like paintings from the late 60’s early 70’s).

We then proceeded to Galerie Lelong and the photographs of Helio Oiticica and Neville D’Almeida. I actually enjoyed this show and the repetetive nature of the photographs. The face of a man-almost appearing as a collaged element pasted over a newspaper clipping-found itself in several similar photographs. A white powdery substance delicately outlined various features of his face and body and this was one of the few elements that changed amongst the photos.

Next was Richard Serra at Gagosian. We were happy to see Larry Gagosian himself sitting at the front gallery desk (inbetween two pretty blondes). He casually mingled in the bustling (dare I say) crowd.

In the largest room of the gallery some new “Straight” work from Serra. Large walls fill the center in various heights. I particularly appreciated this spatial element and due to my own stature, my view of others was restricted. Heads appeared and disappeared like bobbing buoys inbetween the heavy presence of the steel/iron beams. A maze without restriction. The textures were also quite exciting. A beautiful rusty red color formed (an organic, metallic moss) over the natural blue steel-originally present. Multiple layers are scratched, painted and oil slicked as any other canvas or textural surface that one would hope to be able to create.

Finally, a too hot Chelsea Art Museum, and then dinner at a Chinese restaurant on 10th Ave. Meeting up again with Sissi, Nico and crew I found myself, instead of the bliss of yesterday, a bit lost. Qualche volta la lingua sparisce. Ho bisognio di piu energia di capire. Qualche volta quest’energia non c’e’. Puo essere un’esperienza piena di magica o invece un’esperienze quando sento piu sola.