Anton Kern featured the new paintings of Dan McCarthy and the show closed November 21st. I found myself really attracted to his work and the washy, drippy application. Upon entering the space, I felt my jaw drop. A professor recently suggested that I start to work in this vain (i.e. thin film of application to a somewhat untreated canvas) and it was scary but exciting to see these images staring back at me. While the figures have an unearthly quality in coloring, there is something about each one that feels grounded. The paintings have a close affinity to my work, even though I tend to delve more into detail, Dan is a kindred spirit in the world of floating figures who invite and entice us to observe if not join them.

In the press release it mentions that Dan calls for “a return to classical principles”. Also stating that, “The paintings eccentricities and impurities become the major ingredient in this invigorating infusion of sensual autonomy and freedom.”

As per McCarthy: “The proposal of being: stand up and stand out, the quicksand of the material is at your knees and growing.”

All images courtesy of Anton Kern and Dan McCarthy, 2007