This past Thursday, I joined the throngs of New York based (and beyond) artists, writers, critics, contemporary theorists, museum & gallery directors, and strutting fashionista’s at what was fondly referred to as “back to school” in Chelsea. After a summer of mostly group shows and many closed spaces, the gallery world was up and running, literally. The buzz of color, cool haircuts, the best shoes, as well as sipped glasses of wine, “almost” over-shadowed the art, but luckily the power of paint and the reason why we all were rejoining forces shined strong. On a limited time frame (gallery openings are largely from 6-8), I scurried and buzzed amongst the rest of the bees, who fervently sought out the best honey.

Nancy Baker @ Platform-Denise Bibro Fine Art (image courtesy of

My journey commenced on 20th Street, and “Platform”, the year-old project space of Denise Bibro. Friend and fellow blogger Nancy Baker‘s new work entitled, “Duck and Cover Drill” is featured in a narrow rectangular space. It was the first time I’ve seen her work in person and it was a pleasure. Her vibrant colors and subtle textures radiate with elements of the Italian Renaissance yet also feel contemporary. I reveled in the works that feature a humming bird, colors dripping delicately from painted wings. Nancy was in New York for an extended weekend and it was great to finally meet her!

Natasha Ivanova @ Cueto Project

Next was Natasha Ivanova, “Deer Hunter”, at Cueto Project. I’ve only been inside Cueto Project once/twice before, but found myself reacting to the crowd and also the painting whose photo I’m featuring here. Some of Natasha’s work felt very strong and relevant while other works felt a bit contrived and not as well executed. I then worked my way to Andrew Kreps. It was here I paused and phoned both Michael Wilson and Barnaby Whitfield, because I was seriously riding high from the excitement in the air and found myself looking for mates to share it with. Entering into Andrew Kreps/Roe Ethridges’-Rockaway Redux I realized I had found the space with all the “cool-kids”. At the door I greeted Paul Mpagi Sepuya who I included in my Sinner/Saint series a few years ago. Then I ran into friend Miriam Katz and New York Times art critic, Karen Rosenburg and also noticed White Columns director Matthew Higgs. Next on my list was Keith Tyson-Fractal Dice at Pace Wildenstein. Already subtly grinning at the scattered sculptural installations (resembling elements of Tetris), I spotted both artist Chuck Close and actor Jeff Goldblum, mingling amongst the rest of the art-lovers and ran into friends David Velasco and Ryan McNamara.

Diana Al-Hadid @ Perry Rubenstein

I then went to Diana Al-Hadid-Reverse Collider at Perry Rubenstein, and while not as impressed with the large sculpture in the center of the room, I am fascinated by the work the is both a “hole in the wall” and an imposed or imagined “peak”. Before heading downtown, I stopped at Alexey Kallima’s show “Chechen Women’s Team of Parachute Jumping and its virtual fans” (which obviously wins “the longest title of the night” award) at Lehmann Maupin. The style of Kallima’s work reminds me of my own work on paper which is why I think it drew me in (hand leg slapping chuckle). I am particularly interested in the sketch that I photographed which is a seductive, highly suggestive point of view of a scene which may not be sexualized at all. It raises questions of the gaze and immediately makes the viewer a voyeur looking into what the artist insinuates could be an intimate moment between the two women.

Alexy Kallima @ Lehmann Maupin

I then gleefully met up with Barnaby and a few of his friends and we made our way to our final destination of the evening, 31 Grand and the work of Jeph Gurecka-Shiny Bright Souvenir.

Jeph Gurecka @ 31 Grand

All in all the night was a fantastic start of the season. I felt giddy and fully charged. I hope to hold onto this electricity and use it to re-energize not only my art making….but maybe other things as well. I definitely think we can fit my work somewhere into this mix….don’t you?

Stay Tuned!