This past Tuesday I ventured to the opening of part one of NYU’s MFA Thesis exhibit. The show offers varied and well executed works by young artists. I decided to focus on the work of Jason Martin, soon to be graduate of the program lead by John Torreano and Nancy Barton. His work consists of dynamic installation; video, audio, projection and drawing. Since discovering his work through the program a few years ago, I’ve admired his aesthetic and the regal camp of his figures.

For the current thesis exhibit at 80WSE he has created an installation titled “Wolves and Dogs” of the previously mentioned ephemera and now features “still” video portraiture. His figures are going to war. They stand at attention in attendance at a rally following the lead of a white dog, who garishly motions, nods and silently “barks” orders at his (her) followers.

Political elements slither through the cracks and are pleasantly disguised as are the gender of his animals. The creatures are both ambiguous and powerful in their presence.

Jason’s work resonates with dominance and the relationship between male and female species that are both humanistic and carry a confidence often associated with furries and echo with a resonance of bestiality.

His designated gallery space is both a disco and place of voyeuristic curiosity.

NYU’s MFA Thesis Exhibit Part One is on view at 80WSE until April 16th
& features the work of Allan Bailey, Jennie Hagevik Bringaker, Alex Jovanovich, Ji Yoon Koo, Jason Martin and Allison Somers
More soon!


*Note* I am the orange tinted, Romanesque dog with the Joan Jett hair in the 2nd featured photo above.

All photos taken with my iPhone, all work Jason Martin, 2010