The hours are tallying up and Marina is still Present at the Museum of Modern Art. I went with my friend Laura on Monday also the last day of the William Kentridge exhibit.

I still found myself mesmerized by her position, waxy complexion and the fact that once again at 5:30 as the museum day came to a close, she sat tears streaming off the tip of her nose…..

Energy expended in the state of being and sharing if even by just the act of making eye contact. Those gathered around waiting for their turn to sit with the artist as well as the man who has sat with her the most times all joined in a standing ovation as announcements were made in multiple languages and the guards started to ask people to make their way to the exits. Take the time to look at the amazing portraits by photographer Marco Anelli who has been photographing each day and each subject. They are quite wonderful. Also take note of both Matthew Barney and Bjork who sat with Marina for 8 minutes and 4 minutes respectively.

If you haven’t please see this show before it closes….

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present in on view at MoMA until May 31st.

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