Thursday night I went to two openings, both in Soho. The first was Next To Nowhere, at Kate Werble Gallery featuring Ernesto Burgos and Aaron Raymer who were studio mates at NYU and currently have studios & hold the lease where I have my own space in Williamsburg. For this particular exhibition they’ve each recreated their mutual studio experiences.

Both work in conceptual sculpture and while Ernesto utilizes found materials (some of which are recast) Aaron makes work that recreates what could be found yet is unnaturally contorted and therefore also constructed. The sculptures conduct an active dialogue not only within this particular context but also in relationship to negative space, which in this scenario happened to be filled with people.

In a recreation of their original studios, the gallery is evenly divided with Aaron street side and Ernesto on the inner half. The exhibit is on display until January 29th, 2011.

Next up was Third Streaming a fairly new space on Greene Street. Currently on view is Planet Of Slums a curated group show. I recognized the work of Zachary Fabri, whose piece above “Smoking Dumpster” is a small digital video on short loop. Upon entering the building, I followed Leigh Ledare up the stairs and we had a moment of facebook recognition.

This exhibit comments on displacement and the global development of communities throughout the world. It coincides jointly with screenings and a series of talks along with the African Film Festival.

Planet of Slums is on view until February 5th, 2011.

More soon (including my recent visit to Chelsea!)