A PHOTO of a Photograph.

A vacationing couple on the beach at the rise of Nazism, Germany, 1939 I took this photo of a photo inside the Documentation Center of the Topography of Terror, which is located directly next to Martin-Gropius-Bau.

From their website: The thoroughly revised and redesigned “Topography of Terror” permanent exhibition is presented over 800 square meters in the new building. The focus of the exhibition is the central institutions of the SS and police in the “Third Reich” as well as the crimes they perpetrated throughout Europe. Attention to the Nazi regime’s many victim groups will assume a central place alongside the portrayal of the system of terror.

The Documentation Center, very effectively offers a historic reference point which chronicles the rise of the Third Reich. The exhibit is filled with photographs, most of which are very candid and disturbing. A viewer can walk through at his or her own pace and choose what to read or look at. Maps and diagrams accompany the text and make a cartographic notation of the Nazi dictatorship. A few times I felt my eyes well with tears as I read about the horrors that occurred. I found myself not only transfixed on the Terror but also the faces of both the military officers and the victims.

The image above, was a moment of respite, a resting place for the eyes and a reminder of love and humanity.

More soon!