Currently on display at Splatterpool Artspace in Williamsburg, is Stephanie Dodes first solo exhibition, It Equals Light and the Unknown. I recently discovered Splatterpool via a facebook post from Liz Magic Laser one day after the opening, and went to the show. The space itself is fabulous and creates a perfect contemporary art escape off of Graham Avenue.

I first saw Stephanie’s Everything For Nothing, 2009 (still in first image above), at a screening last year. For this exhibit she’s created a fort-like installation where one can sit and watch Veiled Shadows, 2009, on stacked monitors choosing headphones for audio. Each screen presents an on-going dialogue from an unknown script. However, its also quite evident that the scenes interact with each other via simultaneous narrative and repetative figures that make appearances in various theatrical settings.

The exhibit also features an installation of framed stills and three paintings whose geometric forms extend outside the canvas to the gallery floor and include magic crystals. These were a great addition to the show adding to the multi-dimensional and textural appeal.

It Equals Light and the Unknown is on view at Splatterpool Artspace until Sunday, March 20th, 2011. Try to pass by this weekend before it closes….great hidden gem.

More soon!

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