Approaching the Sheraton Hotel on 25th Street last night, I was excited to see what The Dependent (yet another new art fair) had to offer. A line greeted us and ran the length of the building. I was particularly interested in seeing LMCC Alum Kenya (Robinson) who according to the invite had an on-going performance for the duration of the evening. The fair is taking place on the 12th & 14th floors and upon exiting the elevator I knew the energy wasn’t as I had hoped. Both the hallways and rooms were quite small and filled to the brim with visitors. The “art” was pretty much invisible blending in with the pre-existing framed pieces already in the rooms and narrow corridors. I felt claustrophobic and even slightly irritated. I inquired several times about Kenya’s Air Mattress Performance, but no one seemed to know what I was talking about.

Then just when my patience had reached its peak, a break-through; Specific Object was showing porn!, exactly what should be in a hotel room.

The piece, unexpectedly by Lawrence Weiner, was a brightly lit naturalistic video featuring rowdy multiple partner sex on a bed with white sheets. Behind us the two full size beds in the room reeked of the memory of previous romps and I couldn’t help but smile.

All the images above are from Specific Object/David Platzker (taken with my iPhone) and beyond what Canada has to offer, I wouldn’t recommend any other rooms for the night at The Dependent.

More soon!

— Posted from my iPhone