Butchy Fuego, Wand 5

Appropriately right before Easter, Cinders Gallery, after having to relocate, opened the doors of their new gallery space with Resurrection. The name alone was enough to peak my interest and after a day at the studio, I made it over to Marcy Avenue just before 10 pm. The gallery was packed and a crowd had spilled down the steps and onto the sidewalk outside. Not having much time and meeting a friend afterwards at Enid’s, I entered and zig-zagged through the other visitors. I located an artist list at the bar but it was a hot commodity and I only had enough time to glance before someone else snatched it up.
I love this drawing, but didn’t get the artists name…
I went to check out the new space and the work of NYU Alum Jonah Groeneboer who has a graphite drawing in the exhibit. The piece, below, was difficult to photograph due to the glass frame, but the effect of the crowd and gallery lights reflected is also interesting so I decided to post it anyway. Cinders focuses mostly on emerging artists and usually has a great hipster turn-out at all of their exhibits ::insert lots of cute bearded guys::.

Resurrection is on view until May 28th, check it out and stay tuned for what they have coming up next. Welcome back Cinders!
More soon