Another fabulous young artist is being released from the nest of higher education. Having her wings pruned, Christina Thomopoulos, like Onyedika Chuke, worked with Lyle Ashton Harris which is how I was introduced to her. Since then, we’ve often met to discuss art, both hers and mine, the passion for travel and the dichotomy of experience within various cultures.

Christina utilizes her body as form within space. She occupies designated territory while also attempting to awkwardly blend into it. The juxtaposition is delightful and it is in the awkward, self conscious moments revealed when she is at her best.

For her Thesis exhibition at NYU Steinhardt, she chose to show photos of various sizes of herself but also other bodies who have found their way into her series. In her journey of self discovery, the art she makes is reflective. At a young age she has taken and continues to take chances interweaving the personal, theoretical and trained practice of fine art into a metaphorical quilt. As her journey continues, the quilt will grow.
Keep Christina on your radar!

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