Alice Munch (Woman in Italian room, hobby room, two lions, a large orange cube and a yellow pad), 2010
Friday evening I went to an opening for a summer group show currently on view at Horton Gallery, Berlin. For myself, a newbie in the city, the gallery was a little difficult to find and in the torrid rain and wind in the ever changing climate, I was happy to arrive. The interior and exterior of the space was packed with a fashionable art crowd and there were boxes of bottled beer available for the taking in a central courtyard. The exhibit, titled Time and Materials is curated by director Colin Huerter, formerly of Heist Gallery, NY and is the third exhibition in the gallery that takes a cue from the poetry of Robert Hass.

Anna Mirbach, Zloty, 2011
An interesting and rare occurrence has happened within the show; all of the artists are women. Within the linguistic context of Time and Materials we are given information but also left to our own devices. The objects in the space have been made (as all art) via process. It alludes to melancholy however each piece is devoid of narrative content and exists in the form of shape, color and its own physical weight and/or presence.

Ana Cardoso, Surprise Suprise (Flag 1 & 2), 2009 in background
Cristiana Palandri, Ju Ju, 2011, foreground
The press release mentions nostalgia, impermanence, knowing and unknowing. For a group show, in the middle of the summer Berlin and based on the art I have seen here thus far, the exhibit seems to be right on track.
Congrats to all the ladies.
Time and Materials is on view at Horton Gallery, Kreuzberg until August 20th, 2011
Also make sure to stop by for the closing party and performance by Alice Munch, August 19th.
More soon!