Max Razdow, Ravens, 2010
Last Thursday evening was balmy and the sky clear after a brief afternoon thunderstorm. Several openings were going on in various neighborhoods and after having more recently frequented the Lower East Side and Williamsburg, I decided on Chelsea. My first stop was Take-Out at Andrew Edlin curated by Scott Hug, who is also behind K48. The exhibit is a group show featuring five different artists.

Entering the space, the viewer is greeted by the work of NYU Alum Max Razdow who makes painting, drawing and recently sculpture. His painting, Ravens, shown above, is deceptively dark yet within the content and central shape, I couldn’t help but think of daydream and possibilty. The exhibit has a nice flow and the work is seemlessly installed. Another favorite, below, is Lucky DeBellvue, Untitled. This piece is really effective in the way it interacts with both two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. It is compositionally pleasing and creates a moment of mystery as the viewer may be inclined to inquire on the visual semiatics of the mark making hidden by the folds of the surface.

Lucky DeBellvue, Untitled, 2011
Lastly is Ramon Vega, Camino a la Sabiduria, which is composed of stacked Artforum magazines, whereas particular information (text) has been removed. In doing, so the objects lose functionality and become something else. The works are both sculpture and visually have a geometric presence which also feels painterly.

Ramon Vega, Camino a la Sabiduria, 2011
Take-Out is on view at Andrew Edlin until August 20th, 2011.
More soon!
Note: I am now in Berlin and will be reporting on the contemporary art scene here. Stay tuned!