Eric Freeman, Untitled, 2010
An Instance of Vibration, curated by Peter Makebish, is currently on view at a somewhat secretive and raw space, part of the Bowery Hotel. Walking there on the evening of the opening, I made sure to follow the instructions in the email and enter on 3rd street versus the main entrance of the hotel. I recognized the correct door due to the large, black clad security guard standing out front and stream of attractive hipsters heading down a small flight of stairs. I’ve been to several Anonymous Gallery openings and they never disappoint.

Gallery interior
The room was a mixture of textures. Exposed brick, an unfinished ceiling and original bits of scrawled doodles/graffiti somehow all enhanced the ambiance and the work being shown. I’ve recently viewed several group shows focusing solely on painting and An Instance… falls into this category as well. Each of the multifarious works is varied yet all feel somehow organic. The paint has been applied in a humanistic way being sprayed, splashed or dripping due to gravity. Color fields are an evident binding element and within the confines of the canvas each artist uses a form of contemporary abstraction, varying between painted shapes and recognizable objects.

Katherine Bernhardt, Untitled, 2010
I immediately recognized the work of Katherine Bernhardt who is represented by Canada, in the Lower East Side. Her most recent work features patterns and prints derived from Turkish rugs. She is known mostly for her awkward and gangly figures, painted and based on fashion models in advertising. Since 2010 she’s introduced a series of paintings such as Untitled shown above, and its unexpectedly gratifying to find her stark recognizable brush stroke in geometric print.
Kadar Brock, dad, 2010
An Instance of Vibration, is on view at The Bowery Hotel, 335 Bowery, New York until October 15th, 2011. It features a diverse group of contemporary painters and is a strong and cohesive exhibit that focuses not only on a particular medium, but also love, freezing a moment and trying to make it last forever.
Featuring artists:
Donald Baechler, Kevin Baker, Brian Belott, Ross Bleckner, Kathryn Bernhardt, Kadar Brock, Brendan Cass, Eric Freeman, John Newsom, Lola Schnabel, Ouattara Watts
More soon!