Cory Arcangel and Pierre Bismuth
Untitled, Video projection, 2008
Image courtesy of Team Gallery

Recently opened at the 83 Grand Street location of Team Gallery is Cory Archangel vs. Pierre Bismuth. This exhibit is the first realization of the duo together in the same space, even though they have communicated, comparing ideas and concepts, previously. Their collaborative contribution is “Untitled” a 2008 projection and edition of 5. The video is in black and white and a remix of Guy Debord’s 1973 film Société du Spectacle (Society of the Spectacle), edited, however, locked in the center of each frame are the words Change Bulb written in yellow text within a cobalt blue rectangle. The presence of the words detract from the visual information passing from the film to the viewer and in this surface level notation, along with choice of text, the reality of a situation and the presence of a projector become a dominating focal point. Change Bulb, while an element that exists as a linguistic, semiotic tool, is also a solidifying mark, oddly humoristic and not unlike the hacked video game content Archangel is most known for.

American artist Cory Arcangel is based in New York while French artist Pierre Bismuth is currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Both make videos with manipulated content. In Cory Archangel vs. Pierre Bismuth, each artist was responsible for choosing three of his counterparts artwork, resulting in a total of six pieces plus the Untitled, 2008 collaboration.

Cory Arcangel, Various Books/Various Scents,
Installation view, 2011
Image courtesy of Team Gallery
In a recent Ryan Gander curated group exhibit titled I Know About Creative Block And I know Not To Call It By Name at Lisson Gallery in Milan, Italy, Cory Arcangel contributed a piece invisible to the eye but evident through the nose. He chose to spray Lynx, a European version of Axe body spray onto all of the press releases. The smell was supposedly very strong in the space but would evidently fade away. In his evolution of content, execution and personal interest, Arcangel has removed what he has relied on previously, visual information and/or movement. For the current Team Gallery exhibition, he has once again tapped into the olfactory sense, this time spraying perfume and cologne onto books for Various Books/Various Scents, 2011. The literary and scent selection range from PUNK 365 by Holly George-Warren, foreword by Richard Hell paired with Ready to Rock by Hannah Montana to The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths by Roselind E. Krauss misted with Queen by Queen Latifah. The work effectively communicates with an ephemeral absurdity that exists within the art community. The artist is consistent with his own intention and agenda referencing art academia along with popular culture while reminding the viewer; what is meant to entice may eventually fade away.

Pierre Bismuth, Redeemed #1-4, neon, 2011
Installation view
Image courtesy of Team Gallery
Cory Arcangel vs. Pierre Bismuth is on view at Team Gallery, 83 Grand Street, until December 23rd, 2011.
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