EunJin Kim, Installation view, Ceramic sculptures, COOHAUS Gallery, 2012

EunJin Kim’s exhibition, The Broken Chair, opened at COOHAUS on May 17th, 2012. The exhibition features a variety of art objects made in ceramic along with two large-scale graphite drawings. The drawings are intensive studies of an imaginary landscape. They intersect reality and fantasy merging also negative white spaces with heavily detailed graphite laden work. On the contrary, the ceramics have been sparingly glazed with muted colors. The forms are biomorphic and give hints to human body parts and organic unidentifiable shapes. There is an element of masking in the work. A hidden presence that is relevant to each piece. It’s as if the artist is playing a game and deciding how much she wants to reveal of herself. A favorite is a free-standing large ceramic sculpture, two heads merging into one via a passionate black kiss. Nearby rests a hyper-real gold strawberry. The juxtaposition of the top form (a 3-dimensional ceramic drawing, if you will) versus the highly defined golden strawberry is a successful merging of disparate possibility. The passion of a first kiss, the sweetness of the third.

EunJin Kim, Detail, Strawberry, 2012

EunJin Kim, originally from Seoul, Korea has been based in Brooklyn, New York for several years. Her work is an exercise in draftsmanship and hands-on process. She touches upon a sensitivity with all of her materials, and the ceramics in particular offer something different and strange to exhibition.

The Broken Chair is on view at COOHAUS Gallery on West 27th Street until June 13th, 2012.

EunJin Kim, Installation view
Graphite Drawing
COOHAUS Gallery, 2012

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