Submerged! Video still, Danielle de Piccioto and Alexander Hacke, Radiator Arts and Leo Kuelbs Collection, 2014

Submerged!, Video still, Danielle de Piccioto and Alexander Hacke From Submerged! at Radiator Arts, Leo Kuelbs Collection, 2014

Submerged! is an exhibition curated by Leo Kuelbs and Karl Erikson at Radiator Arts in Long Island City. The gallery, located just a short walk away from MoMA PS1 is a small space that is housing a large show. Video, in general is the most malleable of mediums. It isn’t confined or restricted to a particular size proportion unless extremely low quality and out of focus if shown in a grand scale. The specially commissioned works on view at Radiator are by a selection of international artists who work in various media. Thematically based on short stories by curator Leo Kuelbs, the videos take us on a journey that is familiar as well as being otherworldly. The videos are projected directly onto the walls and at a height only inches from the ceiling. The effect is somewhat dizzying and as the title suggests offers the visitor the chance to be literally “submerged” in content.

Roger’s Dream, Video still, Jim Ellis, From Submerged! at Radiator Arts, Leo Kuelbs Collection, 2014

In translating three particular stories (of the artists choice) both audio and visuals were requested. In some cases the result is quite seamless while in others a surreal journey, an environmental undertaking that requires a particular amount of concentration with the intention of getting lost. Artists both sound and visual involved include, Nicole Antebi and Ortman (Dream Propulsion-Laboratory), Marlow and Alon Cohen (Submerged), Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke (Submerged), Shir Lieberman, Fabio Fonda and Jonathan Phelps (The Floater), Kitzinger Gábor and Alex Hamadey (The Floater), United VJs (Mishap) and Jim Ellis (Roger’s Dream). None of the artists who worked on their versions of the stories were privy to what their counterparts were doing. This being said, it’s interesting to witness the similarities and differences that were arrived at with, in some cases, the same penned content.

On the evening of Friday, April 18th, 2014, a special event will be held at the gallery with guests who will perform live in correspondance with the visual information taking the lead. Allowing for a full immersive experience the event will provide each individual the sensory chance to physically experience the visual through an invisible yet three-dimensional soundscapes. Video jockey’s originally part of an underground club culture are now elevating into a wider scope as technology and contemporary art provide a broader playing field.

Mishap, Video still, United VJs, From Submerged!, Radiator Arts, Leo Kuelbs Collection, 2014

Mishap, Video still, United VJs, From Submerged! at Radiator Arts, Leo Kuelbs Collection, 2014

Submerged! Live

Friday, April 18th, 2014 7:30PM
(The gallery will be open from 1PM) 
Radiator Arts
10-61 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, New York

Kitzinger Gabor, Laura Ortman, and Alex Hamadey

About the performers
Laura Ortman (electric guitar, violin, sampler)
Dark, gluey, reverb-enhanced electric guitar mixed with conventional everyday sounds of an imagined and lost reality influenced by the collaborative work “Dream Propulsion (Laboratory) 2013” based on “Roger’s Dream”

Alex Hamadey (electronics)
Alex Hamadey will be accompanying the visuals with ambient drones and processed found sounds made specifically to fit the vibe and feeling of Submerged! Hamadey created the soundtrack for his collaboration with Kitzinger Gabor interpreting “The Floater.”

VJ Kitzinger Gabor (of Glowing Bulbs)
Since 2001 he has been vj-ing under the names of RioRokoko and Csontraketa. He is a member of the Kiégő Izzók (Glowing Bulbs) visual artist union since 2006. He is a founding member of the Omkamra art association (2009). Gábor’s webpage is

Submerged! is available in an edition of five and will only be sold as a whole, individually videos are not available for acquisition. The exhibition will be on view until April 25th and was also on view from March 13th – April 3rd, 2014 at Higgs Field in Budapest.