I finished early today from my freelance gig and after some delicious white bean soup, made a bee line to see Dan Flavin at the David Zwirner gallery. I enjoyed the exhibit much more than I anticipated. The fluorescent bulbs, ever present, feel more atmospheric in this particular exhibit in comparison to the work that I’ve seen previously. The geometric, vertical arrangements radiate a soft glow that completely encompasses the area where it exists. In the first gallery space I went to, Pink & Gold light originally made for an exhibit in 1967 and shown in photo above, was so warm, buttery, and yet channeled the pop rock colors of the 80’s cartoon Jem.

In the large gallery space various arrangements and strips of light bath what were white walls in fluorescent variants. I found myself thinking of the primary colors of Jessica Stockholder relevant in painted and found objects.

I became green in a room featuring blue and yellow.

The final room I entered features a “fence” of neon squares that nearly divide the space in two. Wandering slowly I was delighted to find an opening before the far wall and slipped through to get a better perspective of the white blue light in comparison with the neighboring red.


Dan Flavin: Series and Progressions will be on view at David Zwirner until December 23rd.

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