Today while walking through the Lower East Side with my sister Jill, we decided to stop by Salon 94 Freemans to see the new work of artist/sculptor Barry X Ball. I first saw his intricate sculptural busts in the summer of 2007 as part of an off-site exhibit at the Galleria Michela Rizzo during the Biennale di Venezia. We went as a class to view his work and each received a catelogue.


This current exhibit features three pieces each filled with grand historical context. Ball utilizes technology in regards to digital rendering and scanning which are then carved based on the mathematical sequences established by the computer and artist. He’s recreating works of the Baroque period in a completely modern way. When I first viewed Ball’s work in Venice I was impressed with the tecnique and less with the end result. This time the tables have turned as has my opinion, and in eliminating the contrived essence of form beyond what the original represents, his recreations not only pay homage to the past but incessantly whisper to the stasis of the present.

Barry X Ball (www.barryxball.com) is on view at Salon 94 Freeman’s Alley until December 12th.

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