Marguerite De Ponty: Yum!

Urs Fischer “Marguerite de Ponty” currently on display at The New Museum, is the artists first and largest solo exhibit in the U.S. I first took note of his conceptual work back in the New Museum’s “Unmonumental” (a crude wax sculpture of a woman, wick centrally located and burning) which I loved. The artist seems to poke fun at the viewer in his usage of banal objects that find themselves in formidable positions emerging from gallery walls and floors. Urs Fischer nods his head to the likes of Duchamp but his “ready-mades” are anything but. He chooses to recreate what we consider reality and forces those looking at the work to also deal physically with the space in which it exists or helps to deconstruct.

I found myself smiling, absorbing and even entering into the work at times. When a sensorized tongue popped out of a crudely made hole in the wall I found myself giggling and wanting to repeat the action. On the 2nd (and last floor on our trip) floor large reflective cubes have been digitally printed with various objects. I was intrigued by the choice and size proportion on the objects (shown 360 degrees) while my friend was hunting for the possbility of narrative.

In the end we determined that the art might be just about space, and whether outer or interior space, that’s all right by me.

Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty, is on view at the New Museum until February 7th, 2010.

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