Last night, around 7:20, I jumped in a cab and arrived at the Marianne Boesky gallery in time for Adam Helms opening. I’ve followed Helms progression over the years and felt excited to see what this new solo show would bring.

As soon as I entered the space, I spotted music writing maven Brandon Stosuy and his wife Jane, on jaunt out sans their new son. The gallery had a good turnout and I saw other familiar faces wandering amongst the artwork. For this particular show, Helms pays sort of a contemporary homage to German artist Gerard Richter’s “48 Portraits” (1971-72). Adam follows the same format and visual structure but utilizes images taken from the Internet of underground (mostly unknown) militia. His graphite on paper drawings hang in a row and some are quite detailed while others morph what could be a face cloaked in shadow. Those were my favorites as black took over the designated space and only left a hint of human presence.

The center room features a large, two-sided light box. One side is biological, human, symbolic while the other is a place of refuge and environmental. Both have elements of death. I’m 100% sure that Adam Helms & Banks Violette hang out and maybe even have seances while playing black metal records. Adam Helms: Without Name is on view @Marianne Boesky’s Chelsea space until December 18th, 2010.

More soon!