Friday night, I ventured to Chelsea after what feels like a period of pause, for the solo show of New York artist Keith Mayerson at Derek Eller Gallery. The air was crisp and blustery as I ventured to the far west end of 27th street where both Derek Eller and Winkleman Gallery reside. Keith continues to be one of the most inspirational people I’ve met, and I’m happy to say I had the opportunity to study with him at NYU.

His work captures a moment in time. A relative flash of life as captured first by camera lens and then retranslated by time-consuming, laborious brush strokes. The paintings portray moments that are both contemporary and timeless; monumentous one day and hopefully run of the mill the next.

The work is both personal and universal, although New York centric, and its obvious that Keith has a love affair with the N.Y.C. landscape. In his last solo show at the gallery in 2008, the back room featured paintings that paid homage to 9/11. This time, following that urban theme (and love) the paintings are of well known buildings such as the New Yorker. Brushstrokes occasionally scew the clarity of the words and the perspective is the artists own.

Keith Mayerson: My Modern Life is on view until November 13th @ Derek Eller.

More soon xo

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