Saturday evening I ventured to Scaramouche in the Lower East Side for Alessandro Roma:
Sites of Action. Alessandro, who is based in Milan, makes collage drawings that encompass fabric, oil, spray paint, paper and magazine tears. The landscapes in this particular show are fantastical and along with two sculptures are a reference to Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, 1864.

The two sculptures, one shown above, rest on what I first thought was a rug, but is actually a neatly arranged rectangle of earth. Both sit close to the ground and feel constructed yet also appear as found, fallen meteorites from another planet or unrecognizable time.

The artist was in New York for just a week and returns to Milan to tend to a show currently hanging and in preparation for another forthcoming. The gallery was smattered with guests, mostly speaking Italian and I took the opportunity to take in the art and the lyrical sound of language which is both simultaneously familiar, nostalgic and foreign.

Alessandro Roma: Sites of Action will be on view at Scaramouche until April 17th, 2011. Also stay tuned for Scaramouche to make a first ever appearance at the upcoming Hong Kong Art fair.

More soon!

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