Tonight I went to the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea for an event of performances sponsored by Bomb Magazine. What peeked my interest was a performance by Rashaad Newsome who was part of the Whitney Biennial this past year. Rashaad is known for Voguing along with a crew of other dancers. I saw one of his previous live performances at the Whitney and was eager to see more!

Inside the space, which was beyond crowded, were what appeared to be a few individual performances going on which may or may not have been part of a larger idea. The woman below practiced yoga breathing while the crowd carrying lime and blood orange colored beverages, attempted to carefully not step on her toes.

Most of the bodies were clothed in black and the gallery, even by 8:30 had a line at the door and was littered with clear plastic cups. I encircled the interior a few times but didn’t find the people there, or the performance schedule to be enough to keep my attention. After browsing a few Bomb Magazines on display, a girl working the table offered to make some photocopies of articles. Photocopies? It was then I realized my exit was imminent and my only regret is not sticking around for Rashaad’s performance.

Next time!

More soon
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