Thursday evening, I joined Leo Kuelbs, shown above with curator Corinne Erni, for Dumbo Gallery Walk and what will be the last exhibit at the Dumbo Arts Center space on Washington Street. The torch has been passed from original DAC founder Joy Glidden and now lies in the hands of Karl Erickson. I interned at DAC in 2002 when Joy was then Director and Michael Wilson was Associate Director. The internship was a great introduction to pre-gentrified Dumbo and the world of not-for-profit galleries.

Currently on view is Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable From Magic, a large, geometric installation by artist Janos Stone. The piece was commissioned to be exhibited at the Hungarian Cultural Center in Manhattan along with fellow artist Thomas Lendvai but was then cancelled due to a decision made in Hungary after political elections. Both the artist and curator were left at a financial loss and the art without its predetermined destination. The piece is 146 Feet long and has been made using sheet rock and polyhedra and features stills of constellations appropriated from Youtube and Vimeo.

Dumbo Arts Center has moved to a new location at 111 Front Street and has as its inaugural exhibition a group show titled Information Economy. Janos’ exhibit is on view until March 27th and the new Front Street space will house the current show until March 6th 2011.

More soon!
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