Last night I joined Cece on a hipster-rific drive-by for Dearest of Dearest an exhibition by photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya. CeCe has know Ruvan for many years and the exhibited series centers on friends, along with a 4″ x 6″ of her, as well as some recognizable celebrities in both naturalistic and club settings.

The photographs, all but a few at 4″ x 6″, were shot in a similar vain to those by the late Dash Snow documenting nightlife, beautiful people and many at the exhibit mirrored those featured on the wall. We zig zagged with barely enough room to squeeze to the lower level and view the “funny face” portraits. Passing the bar, we opted instead to check out the work and the fair faced subjects present.

Running into jewelry designer Jules Kim of Bijules as well as artist and friend Barnaby Whitfield the space was a reminder that the downtown scene still exists. All the guests were invited to take a photograph of his/her choice from the wall and to replace it with a note, drawing, etc to fill the remaining empty space. I quickly found my photo featuring a smiling Jeffrey Deitch and scribbled “Deitch is a transplant” accompanied by a crude drawing of a heart in reference to his recent relocation as MOCA director. Finally not able to stand the increasing crowd and decreasing space, we found our way back into the frigid New York eve, only to be greeted by a lengthening line of those anxious to get inside.

The work is on-view at ION Studios, however, I’m unable to figure out if its still up or if it was a one night only event due to their website not being updated. So if you are in the area and plan on stopping by, I recommend calling first.

More soon