M I D N I G H T  G R O T T O was a performance and installation that occurred for one special evening at a fairly new art and performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Midnight Grotto was an art installation compiled of many elements, pulling from the past as well as natural phenomena. Three artists were involved; Vanessa Albury, Peter Clough and Marthe Ramm Fortun. Each artist brought something different to the piece but uniformly sought to make a mystical, harmonious conglomerate,   part installation, part performance and part 3-dimensional photograph.  Both Peter Clough and Vanessa Albury identify as photographers while Marthe Ramm Fortun focuses on performance often with a nod towards the Fluxus movement. Midnight Grotto was a measured amount of time, that didn’t have a specific definition. Light was used to vaguely illuminate plants, pieces of lacy fabric, and crystals. Everything was meant to be experienced and sitting in the space, it seems as if the possibility of being transported to a small, culdusac in the woods, not far from where ritualistic practice might have taken place, doesn’t seem so far off. In using light as an element, the artists brought together LED lasers along with candles Each source brought a different element and glow to the room. The LED lasers acted as transparent, linear markings that were “drawn” in the air.