Jaakko Pallasvuo, Video Still from “Stage Magic”
Image courtesy of the artist and Codex Dynamic
CODEX DYNAMIC, a site-specific video exhibition and event, co-curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker, will take place during the Dumbo Arts Festival, the last weekend in September 28th-30th. Works by various artists will be projected in several locations in and around the Anchorage of the Manhattan Bridge in the iconic, section of Dumbo, Brooklyn.

codex |ˈkōˌdeks|                                                            noun ( pl. codices |ˈkōdəˌsēz, ˈkäd-| or codexes )an ancient manuscript text in book form.• an official list of medicines, chemicals, etc.
dynamic |dīˈnamik|adjective(of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress: a dynamic economy.

The team behind this ambitious project and three day exhibition have been organizing and exhibiting video works as part of the Dumbo Arts Festival for the past three years. In September 2011 they collaborated on a project titled Immersive Surfaces along with Richard Jochum, the team Glowing Bulbs and others. This year, once again Glowing Bulbs along with Integrated Visions and John Ensor Parker lending his skills as well, have been selected as the masterminds and the technical magic makers, behind the scenes creating the intricate and measured digital work that will be projection mapped underneath the Archway and onto the Anchorage of the Manhattan Bridge. Both Glowing Bulbs & John Ensor Parker have made a collaborative work, titled An Inquiring Age, while Integrated Visions has contributed Time Divides. Last year, the content conceptually focused on the immersive realization of space, eluding to depth on what is actually a flat surface. Codex Dynamic promises to not only do the same, if not more, visually, but also addresses the existential and conceptual progression brought on by the same ephemeral materials (pixels) that have allowed the work itself to come into fruition: technological advances.

Marina Zurkow and Daniel Shiffman , Video still from “NeoGeo I”, NeoGeo 1, 2012
Single-channel animation, color, silent, 3 minute excerpt
Image courtesy of the artists and Codex Dynamic
Curators Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker have been working on this project for more than a year and have the following to offer regarding the task of embracing not only a new and ambitious media but also a notion of technology as something that has become an integral part of our lives, while also the device, ever expanding, evolving, and in a science fiction way, appearing to be one step ahead of even those who are the behind the scenes, the human technicians.
From John Ensor Parker:

It is my belief that “Codex Dynamic” will be a special moment as there has never been a video art exhibition quite like it before. A host of single-channel works from established creators in the art world, including Monika Bravo, Yi Zhou and Marina Zurkow, to name a few, will be presented along with two large-scale video mapped works. This will provide the viewer an opportunity to intimately study the subtle intent of a work such as “Isolation Tank” by Gary Hill, as well as experience the psychological stimulation of, a fully immersive 33,000sq. ft. video mapped piece. This juxtaposition, experienced within and around the gothic architectural structure of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage will certainly be thought provoking and memorable.

Last year at this time, the team wowed audiences from all over. Heads tilted skyward as light was projected and in the process enveloped all who were within the range its reach. This past June another extremely important event took place in Berlin sponsored by Dom Pérignon. This new expanding technology allows for a dialogue that stretches both within the commercial and fine art realm, brief in it’s presentation but lasting in memory.From curator Leo Kuelbs:

The first impulse I had regarding the concepts “Codex Dynamic” were based on all the talk of the Mayan Calendar and all dire 2012 predictions.  I got to feeling a certain amount of anxiety and decided to spend some time thinking more about the situation.  What I came to realize is that technology is becoming the most influential force behind virtually every aspect of life (we experience) as human(s).  What used to be novel, as far as big changes go (the industrial revolution, radio, television, computers, etc.) has become the norm.  Change is the new standard and, just as the rate of ice-melt up north increases exponentially, so will our relationship to change, and thus, time.
But before I sound too alarmist, it’s important to point out that epochal change has happened many times in the history of the world, so there’s no reason to expect a break.  It’s yet another shift in the world’s evolution that, I guess, we’re lucky enough to be living through.
These thoughts were behind the conceptual context of “Codex Dynamic;” along with the idea of the existence of parallel realities.  When we were working with Dom Pérignon, I had a long discussion with their cellar-master Richard Geoffrey.  We discussed systems and conceptual placement decisions within a given system.   What came to light from both of our perspectives, was that whatever position you take, there is an opposing position, 180 degrees opposite, that exists to necessarily create balance.   And this idea somehow tied into a visualization of black holes and concepts related to the parallel universe discussion.
Participating artists include:
Video-mapping: Glowing Bulbs + John Ensor Parker, Integrated Visions
Single-Channel Videos: Enid Baxter Blader, Eelco Brand, Monika Bravo, Shahram Entekhabi, Jesse Fleming, Gary Hill, Jaakko Pallasvuo, SYSTEM D-128, Eszter Szabo, Gabriela Vainsencher, Mariana Vassileva, Sarah Walko + Malado Baldwin, Yi Zhou, and Marina Zurkow + Daniel Shiffman
More soon!