Capitalism Works For Me! (True/False) , © Steve Lambert, Image courtesy of The Alliance Française, New York

On September 20th from 12pm-5pm artist Steve Lambert will be in the busy hub of Times Square with a performative project inviting the public to participate in agreeing or disagreeing with the statement; Capitalism Works For Me! The two answers that will be available to choose from are “True” or “False” and they then will be visible on a large billboard keeping track of the responses. 

What would you choose and why? 

Obviously capitalism is a huge part of the art market and also the American way of life. Globalism has helped to spread capitalistic structuring on a wider scale and plays a roll in both thriving and collapsing economies. The exhibition will also continue on Sunday October 6th through Wednesday October 9th, from 12pm–7pm.  Sponsored by the Alliance Française (FIAF), New York as part of their Crossing the Line fall festival from September 19th-October 13th, 2013 which is also sponsored by A Blade of Grass and Times Square Art Alliance. The public project will offer a way to politically engage with a general audience who may or may not be familiar with contemporary art. It offers a statement ripe for contemplation especially during a time as we reflect on the happenings of September 11th, 2001, consider President Obama’s proposal that we go to war with Syria and employees of large fast food chains such as McDonald’s are trying to get the minimum wage raised.

Additional related events regarding this work include a lecture/discussion between the artist and Professor Richard Wolff, economics theorist and Dr. Harriet Fraad, psychologist.  Be sure to RSVP for the talk if wanting to attend here

Does Capitalism Work?

Capitalism Works For Me! (True/False) Image 2,

© Steve Lambert

Image courtesy of The Alliance Française, New York

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