Deeeee logo, 2013

Alongside the official Berlin Art Week fairs and blue-chip gallery openings, a team of young curators organized a group exhibition, titled D and held at the rental space ZweiDrei, that managed to stand out. Adriana BlidaruAnna FrostChé Zara BlomfieldElena Gilbert and James Michael Shaeffer, Jr. joined forces to put together a show that offered solid competition during a week full of events vying for the city’s attention. Each with experience curating independently and several having run exhibition spaces in the past (reference gallerytoves galleri and the composing rooms) this group pooled their choice artists, creating an impressive line-up of eighteen participants. With a nightly bar featuring artist-djs, the show was as much about defining a community as it was about mounting an exhibition. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.52.52 PM

Aude Pariset, Learning from Development, 2012
Set of laminated inkjet print strip tests,
wakame sea weed, art transport tube.
Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist

Although diverse in intent and execution, many of the pieces in the exhibition had a strong focus on process and transformation from one state into another. Ilja Karilampi’s iPhone screenshot printed on canvas captured a fleeting moment, transforming it into a physical object. Similarly, Aude Pariset’s photographic collages suspended in liquid-filled Perspex tubes presented a delicate balance of floating images, ever so slightly distorted through the plastic. Finally, Santiago Taccetti’s enamel-coated granite boulders seemed to glow from within, creating magical optical effects that were further enhanced by the mirror plinths that they sat upon. 

Continuing online, provides an archive of the works in the exhibition in addition to a selection of pieces from the artists’ oeuvres. Since every image is linked to another set of images, the works are remixed with every click of the mouse. With over two hundred pages to sift through, the site offers a rich viewing experience and gives a broader context to the works selected for the exhibition.  

D ran from September 18-21 at ZweiDrei in Berlin and included the works of Aleksandra Domanović, Anthony Salvador, Aude Pariset, Brent Wadden. David Horvitz, Donna Huanca, Harm van den Dorpel, Ilja Karilampi, Karl Holmqvist, Kate Steciw, Lisa Holzer, Maiken Bent, Michiel Ceulers, Mirak Jamal, Petra Cortright, Santiago Taccetti, Sanya Kantarovsky and Ull Hohn. More online at

Ilja Karilampi, realness mixed emotions, 2013
Ink jet print, marker, and spray paint on canvas, 170 x 113 cm.
Courtesy of the artist.