Last week I went to the Open Studios at School of Visual Arts. I happily walked through the small studio spaces content to look at the work that each student was creating. All of the works seemed very individualistic which was refreshing and it was obvious that they are very talented. But my real entertainment of the night, was running into Village Voice Art Critic extraordinaire, Jerry Saltz. We exchanged a friendly banter about ex-president Bill Clinton and then later in another studio, had a discussion about color. One students work brought to mind the dark heavy metal inspired sculptural installations of Banks Violet. I mentioned this to Jerry and he said that he’s mentioned this before in critique, and that this could be a problem. We continued our discussion which veered to color choice in art and why boys are “darker” then girls. I admited that I enjoy pink and especially fuchsia. To which Jerry replied “Yes, you’ve used fuchsia!”…this relates to art, color choice and why men are dark and yet less complex then women.

Needless to say, these conversations led me to one decision. Jerry Saltz MUST be part of my moustache series. I couldn’t wipe the perma-grin off of my face.


Jerry-Stache, 5″ x 7”, watercolor, colored pencil, and suede moustache on paper, 2006